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You will find important information regarding summer camp. Please take the time to read this over.

1) Please note that these following documents applies to everyone. You will need to print and sign a few of the above forms and bring it with you on your departure date.

2) Travel Information
Cadets were told to hang onto page 1 of their offer sheet. One page 1 of the offer sheet, the first paragraph tells you the course dates. The dates differ according to the length of the course. You will see that another cadet who is going to the same course as you will most likely have the same course dates. It should say:
  • You have been selected to take part in (Course) which is scheduled to take place from (Date) to (Date) excluding travel dates, and held at (Base ACSTC) in (Location, ON)
  • Please note that you will be leaving a day early from the first date. So if your travel date indicates from 2014-08-04 to 2014-08-15, you will be leaving on 2014-08-03.
  • The end date is the date you will be returning home.
  • Drop-off and pickup locations have yet to be determined. However in past years, 631 cadets have been picked up and dropped off in the parking lot at Centennial Arena (1967 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON)
  • Drop off and pick up times have also not yet been determined. We do not get confirmation until approximately a week prior to your departure/arrival. Cadets will be taking a school bus to their respective camps.
3) Uniform
  • Cadets will travel to their camps in summer dress uniform. Summer dress uniform consists of the blue collared t-shirt, pants, wedge, web belt, grey socks and boots. They do not need to bring their tunic.
  • If your son/daughter is attending Drill and Ceremonial Instructor, they must bring their tunic and tie. As well they must also bring a white collared dress shirt and a bow tie.
  • Please have your son/daughter mark their names in all of their uniform parts. There is a possibility that uniform items will be misplaced at summer camp and having names marked clearly will help in returning such items.
  • Lost uniform parts does cost the squadron in replacing them and we hope to limit the costs.
4) PT Gear
  • On the Kit List you will see that it mentions bringing a tilley hat, PT shirt and PT (grey) shorts. However as part of renewal efforts and cost saving measures, issuing of PT Gear has been suspended.
  • Cadets are now required to bring their own PT gear which consists of a minimum of 2 pairs of black or navy blue shorts (of appropriate length) and 1 pair of running shoes.
  • For those cadets who were previously issued PT gear, they are still authorized to wear the grey shorts. All cadets were issued a navy blue tshirt. They are recommended to bring that.
  • CSTC's will issue each cadet one additional navy blue tshirt. As well for those cadets who were issued Tilley Hats, they are still authorized to wear them.
5) Health Cards
  • All cadets must have their valid provincial health card in their possession and be prepared to show it before boarding transportation.
  • In the event the cadet is awaiting a new or replacement card, the Ontario Ministry of Health receipt (or other provincial equivalent) may be shown instead. If the card’s expiry date falls within the cadet’s course dates, it must be renewed prior to departure.
6) Kit
Please ensure that you read the Kit List and pack what you need and are authorized to bring. There will be a kit check performed by Summer Staff at each base upon arrival.

7) Annexes
Attached are Annexes for each CSTC. They contain information regarding each CSTC. You only need to look at the document for which CSTC your son/daughter will be at - the squadron office has identified which courses will be at which CSTC.

Advanced Aviation Technology
-Advanced Aviation Airport Operations
-Advanced Aviation Aircraft Maintenance

-Basic Fitness & Sports
-Basic Drill & Ceremonial
-Basic Military Band
-Basic Survival
-Fitness Sports & Instructor
-Survival Instructor

-Air Rifle Marksmanship

Gliding School

-General Training
-Basic Aviation & Technology Aerospace
-Basic Aviation
-Drill & Ceremonial Instructor
-Advanced Aviation
-Intermediate/Advanced Military Band

8) Offer of Participation
Cadets must bring both pages of their Offer Sheet on their departure date. Page 2 needs to be signed by both the cadet and parent. Feel free to contact the Primary Summer Contact Officer and the document will be emailed to you.

9) Summer Contacts
Please do not call the Squadron Office as no one will be there to answer or return your calls. In regards to summer camp issues, please contact the primary summer contact officer first. In case you are unable to get a hold of the primary summer contact officer, then proceed to contact the secondary summer contact officer.
Should your son/daughter not be able to attend Summer Camp, please inform the primary summer contact officer as soon as possible.

a) Primary Summer Contact Officer
Lieutenant Manikkarajan
Telephone: (647) 832-8433

b) Secondary Summer Contact Officer
Civilian Volunteer Samson
Telephone: (647) 620-9087


Registration for the 2014-2015 Training Year will take place during the first two Wednesday Nights of September. These nights will be open to all new and returning cadets to register.

Location: Don Montgomery Community Centre (Gymnasium)
Address: 2467 Eglinton Avenue East
More details to follow

Team Practices
Cadets interested in trying out for any of the Squadron Teams, please take note that practices will be held during these dates and times. More information regarding tryouts and practice locations will be given in September.

Band: Sundays, 1pm-3pm
Drill Team: Sundays, 10am-12pm
Sports Team: Mondays, 6pm-9pm

Saturday, June 7: Squadron Annual

The Commanding Officer and the Cadets of 631 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron cordially invite you to join us in celebrating our 58th Annual Review Ceremony followed by a Change of Command Parade.

Annual Reviewing Officer: Major Sean Andersen
Outgoing Commanding Officer: Major Naseef Khan
Incoming Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Darren Lee
  • Date: Saturday 07 June 2014
  • Event: 58th Annual Review
  • Dress: C1
  • Location: Don Montgomery Community Centre Gymnasium
  • Cadets are to arrive at the squadron by 7:45am in civilian attire.
  • Cadets must attend annual in order to pass their level. Those cadets who are unable to attend but have a valid excuse, need to inform the Admin Officer by calling the office (416) 266-4891. They will be speaking directly to an officer.
  • Parents and guests are encouraged to attend but must be seated by 12:45pm.
  • Cadets must bring finger foods that will serve 8-10 people for the potluck lunch. Soda and chips are not allowed.
  • Cadets must bring their entire uniform on three separate hangers and boots. Do not forget wedge, tie, wool socks, tunic belt and tie.
  • Uniform must be ironed and boots polished before.
  • Cadets without uniform will wear: White Dress Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Black Tie, Black Dress Shoes.
  • Females must have their hair in a bun before arriving at squadron.
  • Males must shave and get a hair before arriving at squadron.

Wednesday, June 4: Awards Banquet

Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Place: Qssis Banquet Hall, 3474 Kingston Road, Scarborough
Format: Buffet Dinner, Presentation of Awards, Cadet Dance

FTX: Fri, May 30 - Sun, Jun 1

Cadets attending the FTX must be at the squadron on Friday May 30 by 5pm.
Cadets must bring their Health Card in order to participate.
Refer to the Kit List for list of items to bring: Everyone must bring a sleeping bag.
Cadets must ensure that they eat dinner on Friday.
Dress for the weather.
Cadets will return to squadron on Sunday, June 1 NLT 6pm.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014: Annual Review Practice and Parents Meeting

Dress: C-2B (Summer Dress)
Time: 1815hrs
  • Very Important:Parent's meeting at 7:00 pm
Upcoming events:
  • FTX: 30 May- 1 June
    Those attending the FTX can find the Kit List and additional information on the squadron website
    Everyone needs to bring their own sleeping bag
  • Awards Banquet: Wednesday June 4
    Final day to purchase tickets this Wednesday!
    - $30 per ticket
    - Can only purchase tickets for themselves, family & friends, NOT FOR OTHER CADETS
    - Cadets who raised over $200 during Tagging, will get their ticket for free
    The Night Will Include: Dinner, Awards and Dance
  • Annual: Saturday June 7th (Mandatory to attend)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014: Flight Sports Competition

Dress: Dress: C-6, Appropriate Sports Attire
Time: 1815hrs
  • Flights are to wear their assigned shirt colour. Shirt can have logos and designs, but flights must only wear that specific colour.
    Band: Blue | Flight 1: Black | Flight 2: Red | Flight 3: White
    NOTE: No one is to pin their rank or name tag on their shirt
  • Cadets who have summer camp offers need to return page 2. They are to make any changes to page 2, and sign it.
  • There will be a meeting for all Warrants, Flight Commanders and 2ICs at 6pm on the Parade Square.
  • Band does not need to bring their instruments for this Wednesday.
Upcoming events:
  • FTX: 30 May- 1 June
  • Awards Banquet: Wednesday June 4
    Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
    Place: Qssis Banquet Hall, 3474 Kingston Road, Scarborough
    Format: Buffet Dinner, Presentation of Awards, Cadet Dance
    Ticket Price: $30.00 per person

    Tickets are on sale at the squadron. No tickets will be available at the door.
  • Annual: Saturday June 7th (Mandatory to attend)

Upcoming events

  • Jul: Summer camps
  • Sept: Sqn reopens

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